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Exemption from applying for the work permit

2:23:41 23/02/2016
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The participation of Vietnam in the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP) lately, has facilitated this country to become a potential market for investors all over the world. Annually, employers are responsible for determining demands of foreign labor thereof for the position which shall not be satisfied by Vietnam’s labors and report explanation to Province People’s Committee in which the employers’ headquarter situated. However, for creation of convenient conditions for investors, Vietnam’s law has regulated case exempted from work permit.



Labors working in Vietnam shall be exempted from Work Permit if they are on the list prescribed by the law on labor, especially mentioned the case of labors domestically moving within the enterprise thereof belonged to the scale of 11 service fields under Vietnam’s WTO Commitment on services, including: business, information, construction, education, environment, finance, health-care, travelling, entertainment and culture and transportation. The foreign labors moving domestically within the enterprises thereof shall be managers, chief executives, experts and technological labors of a foreign enterprise whose commercial presence is established in Vietnam and has been recruited at least 12 months.

Being a reputable law firm in Vietnam, with a high-qualified and experienced team of lawyers, Tri Minh Law Firm shall provide the best consultancies to our clients for entire essential procedures and issues related to issuance of Work Permit in Vietnam.

Tri Minh Law Firm respectfully provides consulting services and represents on behalf of the clients to carry out the following affairs:

  • Offer advice on the reasonable position of foreign labors.
  • Offer advice on preparation of essential documents from foreign countries and in Vietnam.
  • Compile and complete dossiers.
  • On behalf of clients to carry out all procedures at competent Authorities, dealing with related issues, questions.
  • Offer advice on issuance of residence licenses such as Visa, Temporary Residence Card.

Beside to provision of the above-mentioned legal services, Tri Minh Law Firm also offer the following legal supports:

  • Offer advice on immigration, migration in Vietnam;
  • Offer advice on declaration of residence to Vietnam local regulatory authorities;
  • Advice guaranteeing of the spouse, children under 18 year olds thereof immigrating in Vietnam.
  • Offer advice on payment of personal income tax in Vietnam.
  • Consulting other issues for any requirements.

For further details, please contact to Tri Minh Law Firm.

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