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Purchase company in Vietnam

2:58:26 23/02/2016
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Acquiring company in Vietnam is more and more popular and attracting lots of investors in Vietnam. Vietnam has been opening its legal framework, facilitating investors in investing in this field.

The participation of Vietnam in the World Trade Organization (WTO), and the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP) lately, has faciliated this country to become an initial market for investors all over the world. However, the investment in a foreign market shall require the carefulness and thorough understanding on the environment and laws of such country.


Acquiring a company already existed in Vietnam shall have many advantages such as: already possessing operation structure, facilities, employees, technology,… Investors shall not waste time to implement commencing procedures. Besides, investors may quickly approach the market with the existing trade mark of such company.

However, when acquiring shares, investors shall be responsible for abiding by regulations of International Treaties to which Vietnam participated and Vietnam’s WTO Commitments on form of investment and market opening schedule; Beside legal regulations on enterprises and investment, equity acquisition shall be implemented in compliance with specialized laws such as the law on land, the law on intellectual properties,…

When becoming our legal partners, clients shall be provided with the following general legal services:

  • Providing consultancies on laws and policies to acquire company in Vietnam;
  • Providing policies on taxes, labor… for the operation of company in Vietnam;
  • Drafting applications and documents to acquire company in Vietnam;
  • Submitting, explaining the application dossier, under the authorization of the client, to the licensing authority and following the licensing process;
  • Other services: translation, legalization, notarization…

Besides, we also provide our clients with post-establishment assisting services as follows:

  • Providing regular consulting for the company during its operation in Vietnam;
  • Providing consultancies on structure of operation and management of the company in Vietnam;
  • Other services as agreed with the client.




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