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Set up a representative office of singaporean company in Vietnam

9:09:20 17/02/2017
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To initially penetrate the Vietnam market, more and more companies/corporations in many countries throughout the world has established a commercial presence in Vietnam in the form of representative offices. In Vietnam, the representative office can undertake the following functions:


(1) Perform the function of liaison offices;

(2) Promoting the establishment of cooperation projects of Singaporean companies they represent in Vietnam;

(3) Research Vietnam’s Market to boost the opportunity of buying and selling goods or providing consumer and commercial services of Singaporean companies they represent;

(4) To monitor and supervise the implementation of the contract signed with Vietnam partners or relating to Vietnam’s market of Singaporean companies they represent;

(5) Other activities allowed by the law of Vietnam.

After operating representative offices in Vietnam, on the basis of access to grasp the market, Singaporean companies often invest to set up subsidiaries instead of the representative office to promote economic development and penetration Markets business in Vietnam.

Has been a reputable law company in Vietnam, Tri Minh Law Co., Ltd was established in 2007, has head office in Hanoi City, a branch in Ho Chi Minh City and partners in many provinces in Vietnam. With over 10 years of experience and combined with a team of highly specialized lawyers and enthusiastic spirit, Tri Minh Law Co., Ltd will provide the best advice to our clients all relating to all of the necessary procedures and matters in order to set up the representative office of Singaporean companies in Vietnam.

Tri Minh Law Co., Ltd will provide consulting services and represent clients to perform the following tasks:

  • Advice on functions, organization and operation of representative offices in Vietnam in line with client’s expectation;
  • Advice on choosing locations representative offices;
  • Provide Instruction to prepare the necessary documents of the Singaporean company in Vietnam;
  • Prepare and complete dossiers to apply for all licenses;
  • Representatives working in state agencies, representatives dealing with issues and problems, if relevant;

– Consult the customer support make the sign, tax registration, opening a bank account, announced the representative office established by law;

Besides providing legal services mentioned above, Tri Minh Law Co., Ltd also offers legal support as follows:

– Advice on management and organization of human resourse;

– Provide instruction to prepare and submit all annual reports;

– Advice on tax declaration and filing;

– Advice on policy regimes, report of labor and insurance for personnel;

– Support other issues advice if required.

All detailed information, please contact Tri Minh Law Co., Ltd

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