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Best Law Firm In Vietnam

Best Law Firm In Vietnam You are looking for a law firm in Vietnam? It’s great when you‘ve been here, we, the law firm in Vietnam. Triminhlaw firm. Tri Minh Law Firm has been officially operating on the basis of Law Firm License issued by Vietnam Ministry of Justice since August 16th 2007. Tri Minh Law Firm was established by […]


LIST OF OUR TYPICAL CUSTOMERS OVERSEAS ENTERPRISES WEBNATICS Vietnam Co., Ltd Isfnet Vietnam Co., Ltd DUN& BRADSTREET Co., Ltd NEO Vietnam Co., Ltd Qwang Heung Construction Co., Ltd Shenyang Yuanda Aluminium Industry Engineering Co., Ltd SK Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd Chiyoda Vietnam Co., Ltd Commerce Kobelco Vietnam Co., Ltd … DOMESTIC ENTERPRISES Finance and Banking Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial […]


OUR LAWYERS AND EXPERTS During nearly decade of existence and constantly development, with the strong Values and Vision, Tri Minh Law Firm gathers more 20 Lawyers and Experts in all fields of the laws in Vietnam, especially in investment field. Coming to Tri Minh Law Firm, Clients are always assured to get the most comprehensive legal advice and supports. Not […]

Doing business in Vietnam 2017

Doing business in Vietnam 2017 Welcome to the investors of our Vietnam. We are a prestigious law firm in Vietnam.We assist investors, from countries around the world into Vietnam. With 10 years of experience in the field of legal advice. We will co-operate and support up has the foreign investors on business investment. Depth of this article is to doing business […]

What is a limited company 2017?

What is a limited company In a limited company, the liability of members or subscribers of the company is limited to what they have invested or guaranteed to the company. Limited companies may be limited by shares or by guarantee. The former may be further divided into public companies and private companies. Who may become a member of a private […]

Establish a 100% foreign owned company in Vietnam.

Establish a 100% foreign owned company in Vietnam. I. The documents for establishment of 100% foreign capital company 1. Registration/written request for issuing Certificate of Investment (form) 2. The report on financial capacity of the investor prepared by and responsible for by the investor (the contents of the report must clarify the investment sources, investor’s financial capacity for implementation of […]

[Law Firm In VietNam] Vietnam’s WTO Commitments

Vietnam’s WTO Commitments After 12 years negotiating with the 149 WTO members, Vietnam finally entered WTO on 2007, after the unanimous approval on the November 7th of 2006. This accession will totally change Vietnam’s economic face. Indeed, to have membership Vietnam had signed commitments that will bring substantial changes. Vietnam’s accession to WTO has already helped to continue transforming a […]


FRANCHISING AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Vietnam has been eagerly welcoming famous brands as Mac Donald’s, KFC, Bee, Starbuck. It is the result of the franchise of the leading brands in the world going in Vietnam. All international trade agreements are concurring that the intellectual property protection must be a priority. Forward the international treaty, in Vietnam law the control of intellectual […]

English Center and Education Business

FOREIGN LANGUAGE CENTER AND THE OTHER EDUCATIONAL SERVICES Vietnam is opening up to international integration. Thus, educational services are opening for foreigner’s children, in particular in the development of more and more foreign language centers. The acceptance for foreigner investor in this field is inevitable. It also results from Viet Nam bilateral and multilateral commitments, specially in WTO. Tri Minh […]

Real Estate Business

REAL ESTATE BUSINESS IN VIET NAM More and more foreigners are investing enterprisingly their capital, technical and human resources into Vietnam, causing an evolution of Vietnam business’ appearance step by step. Particularly, there is an important demand of office, stock and house for rent, and of course, we can see the great evolution of the building industry and real estate […]