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Doing business in Vietnam 2017

Doing business in Vietnam 2017 Welcome to the investors of our Vietnam. We are a prestigious law firm in Vietnam.We assist investors, from countries around the world into Vietnam. With 10 years of experience in the field of legal advice. We will co-operate and support up has the foreign investors on business investment. Depth of this article is to doing business […]

Why invest in Vietnam?

COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES / BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT Generally speaking, Vietnam is considered a politically and socially stable country. Vietnam seldom faces religious issues and race conflict in comparison with other ASEAN countries such asIndonesia, Philippines and China. Vietnam has achieved high GDP growth rate and has maintained political and macro-economic stability thanks to renovation policies. The successful governance of the Vietnam Communist […]


INVESTMENT INCENTIVES AND ASSURANCE IN VIETNAM The participation of Vietnam in the World Trade Organization (WTO), and the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP) lately, has faciliated this country to become an initial market for investors all over the world. With desires on assisting foreign investors, Triminh Law Firm hereby shall provide a general overview on investment incentives and assurance […]


BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT IN VIETNAM In recent years, business environment in Vietnam has gained a significant progress which is recognized by community of international sponsors. However, under the ranking of annual Doing Business Report by the World Bank, Vietnam’s business environment index is 78/189 in 2015, falling 6 ranks in comparison to the one of 2014, albeit the implementation of several […]

Overview About Laws in Vietnam

OVERVIEW ABOUT LAWS IN VIETNAM Vietnam is emerging as a potential market for investment. Incentive policies and laws of Vietnam, as well as natural resources and other advantages of this country, has created an outstanding attraction in SouthEast Asia. For over 25 years, Vietnam has transformed from a centralized economy to a prosperous market economy. During that time, Vietnam’s economy […]